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About Alexa Rank Checker

What is an Alexa rank? Alexa web inc. is an auxiliary of that is situated in California, USA. The Alexa rank is a marker for sites that lets them know how many guests have seen their page.

Site proprietors and bloggers continuously check the their Alexa rank to discover how prevalent they are in the online world. You, too, should always keep an eye on your Alexa rank to make sure that you are getting a satisfactory amount of guests on your website.

What this tool is:

Your Alexa rank takes into account the number of guests that have visited your site within the last 3 months. The more a site is accessed, the lower the number of the Alexa rank. You can easily see the rank of any page you want with this tool.

For example, Google is the most accessed site in America (and the world, no surprise there), and Youtube climbed from rank 3 to rank four in April of 2016, passing Facebook. Check your website and the websites of your competitors by simply entering the URL and pressing 'submit.'

How this tool works:

You can use this tool as often as you need to track your Alexa ranking across an extended period of time. The tool itself will give you your global rank, the region where you are the most popular, your regional rank, and the number of backlinks that redirect to your site (note: it does not tell you how good the backlinks are.

If you want that information, you should check out our Backlink Checker tool). Below these stats, there are two line graphs. The first graph shows your ranking within the past year month by month, which each point on the line at the one month mark. The second graph shows your search engine traffic. This also goes back one year and is marked month by month, but you will see many more plot points between each month, making for a more accurate graph.

Why you need this tool:

The Alexa Rank Checker measures the activity to a website by clients so it's vital to numerous area proprietors, purchasers, and website admins. Also, if you are purchasing websites you can check which ones will be best for you, your customers and your organization.

Fundamentally, it is a measure of your prominence in relation to absolutely every other website around. This means that your rank could go up or down even if your traffic remains the same.