Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter

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About Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter tool will go through your text and replace some words or phrases with synonyms in order to make your article more unique. It would be the equivalent of you going on to and searching each word individually to find a good alternative. But this tool will do it for you, and it takes only a minute or two to process all of your text. By running your text through this tool, you will make your article or website more likely to rank high in SEO.

Phrases using unique synonyms can be searched for easier by your viewers. It could also make your work sound more sophisticated, using words you don’t usually think about putting in your work.

How this tool works: First, you enter the text you would like to check. Then, you click ‘submit.’ You will be given the same article but with dozens of word replacements. You may then want to go through and check each replacement to make sure it is sensible, as this tool is only a tool and may not take the entire meaning of your sentences into account. It goes word by word only. Make sure that you keep a copy of your original work beside you, because the output page will not specifically tell you what the changes are!

There are a few drawbacks to this particular tool that you need to be aware of. As previously mentioned, the tool does not take context into account when searching for synonyms. There will be some sentences that do not make sense grammatically that you will have to tweak afterwards.

Also, if your article starts out not very good and engaging, the quality of work will only deteriorate from there. It is not recommended to put the same article through this tool multiple times, as that will degrade the quality of the content as well. Keep in mind that the purpose of this tool is to improve SEO.

It does this by picking words which are not used as often. This may make your article come off as awkward if you publish it without proofreading it first. So please take the time to read through your work and fix any mistakes before you put your work up online.