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What exactly is a backlink? A backlink is a hyperlink that includes the url of your website. That is not to say that your url alone is a backlink. A search engine will not recognize the simple words unless it is a hyperlink and clicking on it leads to the site itself. But in this case, a backlink is a different website that links to your own and has information about it, such as traffic to your site. Having backlinks for your website will increase your SEO greatly.

What this tool is:

This tool will run a series of tests very rapidly and determine exactly how many backlinks there are that lead back to your website. This information will show up on the page on a color coded bar. If the color is green and the bar is full, you have a fantastic number of backlinks and you don't need to do anything to create any more.

If the bar is less than half full and the color is orange or red, you do not have many backlinks at all, and you will not get as good of a SEO. In this case, you will want to create more backlinks for your website.

Backlinks that direct someone towards your domain or specific web pages that you own are very important. The overall Google Page Rank of your website or blog will increase proportionally to the number of inbound links you have directed to it. But beware! Search engines such as Google and Yahoo tend to value quality over quantity when it comes to backlinks.

Some people are known to buy a huge number of backlinks for a really low price. They mistakenly think that their ranking on the search engine will increase significantly because of the sheer number of very cheap backlinks.

The more likely result is that Google or Yahoo will penalize their website for this underhanded tactic, and yet people still do it every day. Don't let that be you! Understand that you want good quality backlinks that will actually improve your SEO.

 If you have a low number of backlinks and you haven't already used our Backlink Maker tool, I highly advise you go over to that tool next and create 28 legitimate, quality backlinks for your website. Google will not penalize you for these great backlinks, and your results on this backlink checker tool should improve.