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About Broken Links Finder

One of the most annoying things on the internet, aside from a slow website, is a broken link. Clicking on a link only to be led to a 404 page is enough to make many people want to scream in frustration.

You certainly do not want to have any broken links on your website. People will become annoyed with your site, not to mention you will have lost the content that was once inside of that link. But who has the time to manually check every single link that exists on their website? It would be a pain. Luckily, our tool is here to help.

What this tool is

The Broken Links Finder tool will go through your URL and process every single link it finds to determine if it works correctly or not. This process may take a few seconds, as the tool has to be very thorough for you. Give it a little bit of time and you will get results much faster than if you tried to hunt down and click every link yourself.

How this tool works

It is simple, free, and requires no download. You simply have to input the URL of the website you would like to check and click 'submit.' Then sit back and wait for a few moments for it to do its job. You will be presented then with a list of every single link on that website and its status.

This includes both internal and external links. In addition, not only will this tool tell you if each link is broken or okay, it will show you the status code of every single link, broken or otherwise. Usually, the okay links will have the status code 200, aptly named "OK." This is the normal status code for good links. Ok links may also have a different status code, however, meaning that the link works but there might be some other issue, depending on which status code shows up.

 For broken links, the words ""Broken Link" will show up in red to stand out in the crowd, and the server status code will be shown there as well. Typically, it will just be 404, "Not Found."

If you have any broken links, you should do something about it immediately to avoid losing traffic. Not only will your users be disappointed with broken links, but search engines will notice and may give you a lower rank because of it, and you want to prevent that.