Class C Ip Checker

Class C Ip Checker

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About Class C Ip Checker

What is a Class C IP? It is simply the first 3 parts of an IP address, without the fourth and final part on the end. It is far better to host multiple cross-linked sites on different Class C IP ranges.

 This is because when you share an IP address with other sites, it can have a negative impact on the Page Rank and SEO efforts for your own website, especially if those sites have been blacklisted or blocked by search engines.

What this tool is

Our free Class C IP Checker tool will help you find out if a few selected websites are hosted through the same range of C class. You can make use of the tool in identifying dangerous SEO neighborhoods as well as in determining site networks. The tool would also be useful in conducting a backlink research, too.

If you are online marketing and/or managing a website, you can avoid the problem of having your website banned by search engines just because you are sharing the same Class C IP range with illegal websites. If you find out that you are sharing a Class C IP address with such a website, you can fix it and prevent any damage to your SEO right away.

How this tool works

It is very easy and free. You simply input the URLs of the websites that you would like to compare against. Please make sure that you do not put in any extra spaces, commas, or other characters while separating the URLs.

Only separate them with a line break. You can compare up to 40 different URLs at the same time in our tool, and you will get you results right away.

No need to wait for the tool to load or to go hunting by yourself, because our tool makes it easy and effortless, entirely for free. Remember, it is okay to share a Class C IP address with just a few sites as long as they are all reputable sites as well.

But sharing a Class C IP address with too many sites, or sharing a Class C IP address with even one site that is blacklisted or contains malicious content, can severely harm your SEO. Check up on your Class C IP address every so often to make sure that you do not fall into the unfortunate circumstance of matching with a blacklisted website.