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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

The Code to Text Ratio Checker tool can help you measure the percentage of your actual text content without the other page elements, including CSS, HTML tags and JavaScript. A good text to HTML ratio is anywhere from 25 to 70 percent. This percentage refers to the visible text ratio, as opposed to HTML elements, image tags and other non-visible information.

You may notice that many high ranking websites in search results have visible text. This has become especially apparent since search engines, such as Google, released the Panda update which placed importance on content-driven sites.

The text to HTML ratio is not a direct ranking factor for search engines but there are many factors related to the ratio that indicate best SEO practices and thus may indirectly result in higher search rankings. Here are some examples:

Being built for people: Web pages with higher text content to HTML tend to be more readable and understandable for people. It gives the impression that the site is built for people rather than search engines and so the site seems important in the eyes of the search engines.

Giving a better user experience: Higher text to code ratio indicates better user experience, and better user experience has become a prime search ranking factor according to Google and other search engines.

Better page load speed: Less code indicates that any unnecessary HTML elements are not present in the code of a web page. This increases the loading speed of the page, and as we all know, the faster a web page loads, the happier users will be with it. Search engines also take note of this and use it to help rank websites.

Better indexing of pages: A cleaner code and higher ratio of plain text makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index the site.

So while a search engine does not blatantly rank your website based on this ratio, it is a very important thing that you want to keep track of.

How this tool works

The Text Ratio Checker is very easy to use. You simply need to input the URL of the website you would like to check the ratio of, and then click 'submit.' Instantly, you will get an exact percentage of the ratio, down to the first decimal point.l

Below that, you will get the exact size of your text content and your total HTML coding, both in bytes. Remember, a good ratio is between 25% and 70%. If you are below this range, there is not enough text in your site and people will not find it useful. If you are above this range, you do not have enough coding to keep things running smoothly.