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About Domain Age Checker

The age of a domain is actually a very important factor in determining the rank of a website and its SEO status. A website that has been around for a long time has a lot of experience, as does the person running it, which search engines take into account when ranking you in their searches. So, domains which are registered for more than a year have a higher ranking in search engines than domains which are very new, due to the confidence that time inspires.

This Domain Age Checker tool is a free and easy way to check a domain you currently own, a domain you might want to purchase for yourself, one of your competitors, or any relevant websites you want to research for advertising purposes. Using this tool is extremely simple! All you have to do is enter the URL of the domain you would like to check.

The tool will immediately provide you with the amount of time that the domain has been active, the exact date that the domain was created, the last time that the domain was officially updated, and the date at which the domain is set to expire if nobody renews it.

Someone can officially lease a domain for anywhere from one year to ten years. However, at the end of the leasing period, the leaser may renew the lease as many times as they wish, which is completely legal.

If you would like to lease a domain that is currently being used, you would have to learn then the domain is set to expire and contact the leaser right around that time, before they officially decide to renew their lease. This tool makes that effortless and is completely free.

Likewise, if you are unsure when the domain you use is set to expire, and you want to make sure to renew it right away so that you don't miss out, use this tool to make sure you have the date marked for yourself. In addition, if you are interested in a particular domain but are unsure about how old it is, and thus how high it might rank in a search, you can check that here.

You may discover that a domain you would like to use is only a few months old, and decide to wait until it has matured a while before purchasing it for yourself. Anything you want to do with any domain, make sure to check it here first.