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About Email Privacy Checker

Our technology is always expanding and getting better. Processes are being simplified, and one of those processes is data extraction. Marketers used to spend days or even years scraping web data and most importantly valuable user email information, now they don’t have to because of web scraping tools.

What is web scraping? Also called web data extraction, screen scraping or web harvesting, web scraping is a method used by developers when extracting data on a massive scale!

But for your privacy, you should ensure that your email won’t be a target for any of these web scraping techniques and tools, because no one wants someone snooping around in their emails. But how would you know if you are susceptible?

What this tool is

The Email Privacy Checker tool will, for free and very quickly, check if your email address/addresses are protected and secured from any email scraping tools online. As you know, your email is one of the most important pieces of contact information that someone using a web scraper is looking for, as these people would want to gain as many leads as possible for their business. But this is an invasion of your privacy, and you have every right to prevent them from doing so.

With the Email Privacy Checker tool, you won’t have to worry about not knowing if they can get this knowledge or not. This tool will find out for you within an instant.

How this tool works: It is not a complex, tedious process to check a website for this. You simply need to input the URL of the website you would like to check, and then click 'submit.' You will hardy have to wait for even a second to get your results! The tool will tell you the status of that website: No email found (good!) or if an email was found (bad).

Nothing could make you feel better than knowing that your email is secured from any web scraping methods. Now you can have peace of mind that your email won’t become a target for black hat SEO hackers that harvest user email information without your consent and knowledge.

And for a piece of advice from us at 101 SEO tools, make sure to use the “contact us” page of a website when filling up a form. This way you can be sure that your email is hidden and isn't scrape-able or view-able by any harvesting, collecting or scraping tools.