Free AVG Antivirus Checker

Free AVG Antivirus Checker

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About Free AVG Antivirus Checker

It is always a good idea to have an antivirus installed on your computer. But sometimes, for whatever reason, you could be without one for a while. It would be risky to go on any site that you don't know for certain is absolutely safe.

With our Free AVG Antivirus Checker tool, you can find out for certain if a website contains any kinds of threats, including virus, malware and spyware. In addition, this tool will detect if a URL contains any malicious or inappropriate codes that might put you at risk for visiting that website.

 Also, if you have a website of your own, you can find out if there is a site infection that you have to address and fix for the safety of your visitors and for the improvement of your rankings. After all, if your website becomes infected and becomes blacklisted, it will severely hurt your SEO and your site traffic, which would be a disaster.

What this tool is

The Free AVG Antivirus Checker tool is an all-in-one tool that can help you check up to twenty websites at once for any malicious content. It can tell you if websites are safe to use or not very effectively, because it can help verify and check for a specific website’s reputation as well as what others say about it.

By figuring out the safety and security of a specific website, you can avoid any issue that might result from using an infected website, such as getting a virus which puts your secure information at risk.

How this tool works

Simply type in as many URLs as you need to, up to twenty at one time. Make sure that you do not add any spaces, commas, periods, or any stray characters. Separate each URL only by a line break. Then click 'submit.' It may take some time for this tool to process the websites and make sure that everything is completely safe, so please have a little patience. We must be thorough so that you can be sure our results are accurate!

Cyber threats can be around any corner. Even a website that used to be safe may develop a virus or problematic content if something goes wrong. it would be wise to check a website’s reputation and safety scores before using it for browsing, downloading or buying anything, even if you have an antivirus at the moment, just to be safe.