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About Free Link Analyzer Tool

The Free Link Analyzer Tool takes your website and counts the number of links within that website, but internal links and external links. Meaning, links that go to a different page on the same website and links that go to a completely different website.

The tool also counts how many links are NoFollow links. What are NoFollow links? These are links that search engines do not count towards your page rank. Having NoFollow links are not necessarily a bad thing. Usually, these links are in comments or paid links, and that's fine. But if you have a lot of NoFollow links and not many DoFollow links (links that search engines do count towards your page rank), then you should add some valid links to your page to optimize your SEO.

 In addition, this tool will list every single internal and external link, as well as note whether it is a NoFollow or a DoFollow. The only thing you need to do to use this tool is enter your full URL. Note that you must include the http://www, otherwise the tool will not accept your URL.

The link count checker is useful for any number of reasons.. Most commonly, website owners may want to check how many external links are on a particular page to make sure their content is high quality. It is not a good idea to publish excessive outgoing links on your page because they do not do much for you.

But more importantly than checking external links, this tool can be used to save you the money and headache of purchasing advertising or link building from a less-than-credible service provider. Link farms (pages or websites that exist only for publishing back links) will hurt your reputation more than they will help, because they will be marked as NoFollow links and search engines may penalize your website for them.

With this free tool, it will only take a few seconds of your time to analyze a web page for credibility before you decide to exchange links with it.

I recommend that you use the Free Link Analyzer Tool as a starting point to eliminate pages that could potentially damage your reputation if you were to exchange links. Check your NoFollow links to make sure they are NoFollow for a good reason. Once you have done this,you should manually reviewing the relevance of each of these pages.