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About Get Source Code of Webpage

What is a source code? It is the code your browser turns into the website itself. There would be no website without the source code. It determines the text, the images, the placement of headers, everything. Google and other search engines use the source code to determine where your webpages should appear in their indexes for a given search query. So this means that your source code is very important to your SEO.

What this tool is

It can be a long, tedious process to figure out how to find the source code for a website by yourself, especially if whoever made the website does not want people to look at the source code (in an effort to keep them from editing it). But our free Get Source Code of Webpage tool will provide you with the source code of any website you want, quickly and easily.

How this tool works

It is very easy. You simply have to input the URL of whatever website you would like to see the source code of, and then click 'submit.' You will get your results instantly. There will be a large text box containing the entirety of that website's source code, laid out in its exact format (indents and all).

Here is a quick guide to some of the most important content in a source code:

Title Tags: The title tag is the holy grail of on-page SEO. It’s the most important thing in your source code. If you don’t have title tags in your source code, you can’t show up in Google or any other search engine at all. The title tag is designated by the opening tag: <title>. It ends with the closing tag: </title>. The title tag is usually near the top of your source code in the <head> section.

Meta description: Another important part of your webpage’s head section, the meta description is what gets displayed underneath your title content in the search engines. A lot of people gloss over the meta description, but you really should put some thought into it because it is read by search engine users.

The meta description in the source code looks like this: <meta name="description" content="the words placed inside these quotation marks are what appear as the description" />

H1 Headings: The content of your big heading, this part of the source code is within the tags <h1> and </h1>.

For anything more complex, it is usually wise not to mess with it yourself unless you are certain about what you are doing.