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Google Cache Checker

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About Google Cache Checker

What is a cache? It is a mechanism that is set to store web documents temporarily. These web documents include images and HTML, and they are used in order to reduce bandwidth usage, perceived lag and server load.

Therefore, a web cache can store copies of documents which pass through it, and then all subsequent requests may also be satisfied from the cache if specific conditions are met. Some of the most common caching methods are jpcache and Quickcache.

Caching is very useful. Especially if you want to deliver customized reports that include analytics but you don’t have much time, you will want to be able to quickly access a cache

What this tool is

Our Google Cache Checker tool is a free and user friendly tool that lets you generate the results you are looking for in an instant without you having to wait too long to get the answer. You can analyze a specific website and pull out correct information about the Google cache status that is in relation to every URL and based on when that was last changed or modified.

You can get the data in real time and date of each cache that can help you instantly identify or check for any issues or problems. Note that our tool does not just give you the google cache itself. It just makes sure that there is indeed a cache, and when it was last updated (if at all).

How this tool works

It is very easy and free, and requires no download. You simply input the URLs of the websites that you would like to compare against. Please make sure that you do not put in any extra spaces, commas, or other characters while separating the URLs.

Only separate them with a line break, as any stray characters would confuse the tool and the URL would not be processed right. You can submit up to 20 URLs at one time, and even checking that many at once, you will get your results within just a few seconds. If a particular website has been cached, the exact time of the last caching, down to the very second, will be shown to you in green.

If a particular website has not been cached (and each website that is not cached may take an extra second or two to process, so if the tool is being slow, you may have entered several uncached websites), then the tool will say "Not cached" in red.