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About Google Index Checker

As the owner of a website, it is extremely important to know whether you are indexed by Google or not. It might even be the most important thing about owning a website, because Google ranking is paramount in gaining exposure, increasing traffic and improving click-through rates for their websites.

On your own, it may take some time to find out if a certain website is indexed by the search engine or not. Luckily, you have this free and easy to use tool.

What this tool is

The Google Index Checker tool lets you see the status of your website on the Google search engine, and it gives you the results you are looking for within a couple of seconds.

How this tool works

Simply input the URL of the website that you would like to check, and then click 'submit.' Instantly, you will see a result placing the number of pages that are indexed there by Google crawlers.

If your site is not indexed by google, there are steps you can take to index it yourself. For example, you can spread your link around as much as possible, so that Google's crawlers will come across the link to your website through other sites it has crawled. You can also create a sitemap and ask Google to crawl it yourself. We have a sitemap tool for that very purpose!