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About Keyword Density Checker

Search engines operate by using keywords provided by the searcher and matching them to keywords made for websites. In other words, in order for a search engine to find you properly, you need a list of specific keywords to identify your website.

We have a Keyword Position Checker tool which can make sure that your keywords are properly helping your get a good SEO. But this tool will check how often your keywords show up in your own own website, which can also be useful.

 What this tool is:

The Keyword Density Checker doesn’t help fix your mistakes with your keywords. It merely shows you if you have made any mistakes in picking those keywords, that way you can fix them yourself.

It is recommended that you check your keyword density whenever you make major edits to your website. This is a free and very easy-to-use tool. The only thing you have to do is input the URL of your website and hit 'submit.' You do not need to add in each keyword yourself by hand, which could take some time if you have a lot.

Instead, our tool will use the URL you submitted to find your keywords on its own. Within seconds, our tool will provide you with the number of keywords on your website, how many times each of those keywords appear in total, and the percentage of that keyword in relation to all of the keywords listed.

No matter how many keywords your website has, our tool will list every single one of them, even if there are hundreds (although we do not recommend having hundreds of keywords, as that is excessive and will not help your SEO due to the lowered quality of those keywords.

Do not judge the success of your keywords based solely off of the keyword density. This tool is more used for the purpose of taking inventory on your keywords. It is a tool of convenience. However, you should make sure that there is a relatively stable percentage across your keywords.

If you have one keyword that takes up 90% of your keyword density and one keyword that takes up the other 10%, for example, it is not a very good system for your keywords. You should consider, in that case, using your second keyword more often to even out the percentage (and two keywords is probably not enough, in any case).