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About Keyword Position Checker

Keyword Position Checker Tool Search engines operate by using keywords provided by the searcher and matching them to keywords made for websites. In other words, in order for a search engine to find you properly, you need a list of specific keywords to identify your website.

This tool will currently only check your position in Google and in Yahoo. It will check these search engines for the keywords that you specify. This will help you determine if the keywords you chose will work for your website well and if you need to change any or all of them in order to increase the success of your website.

How this tool works:

First, you input the domain name for your website. Then, in the next box, you list your keywords. Put one keyword per line in the box, and do not separate them by commas or periods or anything other than the line break.

Then, from the drop down menu, select up to how many positions you want this tool to search for your website with. For example, if you only want it to check if you are in the top 50 results, click on that option. If your website does not show up within that position for a keyword, the tool will tell you so.

Then, click on 'find keyword position.' Then give the tool a few moments to work through both search engines for each keyword that you provided. The results will appear on a chart, showing you that your website is the __th of 50 (or whatever else you chose) if it is within that range. If your website is not within that range, the tool will tell you so. If this is the case, you might want to think about changing that keyword or improving upon its use in the website.

It would be ideal for your website to show up within the top three results for each search engine, although these spots will usually be filled by extremely popular websites already. Consider being on the first page to be excellent results, being within the first few pages to be okay results, and not being within the first five or so pages to be very bad.

You want to stay within the first few pages of a search, because people are not usually willing to go beyond that point when looking for something.