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Link Price Calculator

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About Link Price Calculator

Our free Link Price Calculator tool a very useful tool to use to estimate about how much money you should charge per month for a text link ad for a particular URL. You could make some good money advertising for someone else on your website, but you do not want to over or undercharge, because then either you or your customer will not be happy.

This tool can also used for calculating how much you should be paying for a text link ad should you want to advertise your own site on a different website. You do not want to overpay just for one text link ad, as it will take away too much from your revenue.

How this tool works: You may check up to one hundred URLs at once with this very handy and free tool. Please make sure that you do not put in stray spaces, commas, or other characters that do not belong in the URL.

Separate each URL only by a single line break. Once you have entered as many URLs as you want to check, or the maximum number, simply hit 'submit.' and wait a few moments. Your results will be given to you very quickly, depending on how many URLs you check at once.

Note that the price you are may not be precise if you submit a third-level domain, such as a blogspot URL or a tumblr URL. The same thing with a second-level domain, such as or other country tags. The most accurate results down to the dollar will be in top-level domain names, such as regular .com URLs.

When checking for link price on any URL, including your own, you should also consider several other SEO factors, including a website’s Alexa traffic rank, the number of backlinks, and the URL's age.

These and other SEO factors are some of the most important considerations when determining the value price of a link or URL. But for instant results that give you a fair estimation of your website or a website you're considering advertising for, you should use this tool.

At the very least, it will give you a good starting point to base negotiations off of, with other SEO factors drawing the price up or down from the estimate. Remember, you want to get a deal that is fair for both sides, so everyone is content with the business arrangement.