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About Meta Tags Analyzer

What are meta tags? A meta tag is an HTML tag containing information for search engines about your website. Meta tags contain keywords or phrases that alert search engines of a website's content to be included in search results.

They are not necessarily required for your website to appear on a search engine, but they are highly recommended. According to some research, an exclusive 20% of all site pages contain Meta labels in their HTML, and more than 85% of these sites are unfit to be submitted to the web crawlers. This tool will analyze the meta tags you already have on your site and make sure that they are good ones that actually improve your SEO.

What this tool is:

Enter the URL of a specific page on your website that you would like to check. You will get instantaneous results that show the title of that page, the description of that page, and the meta keywords already in place there. You can use this tool to decide if you need to add any more meta tags on particular pages.

How this tool works:

This tool does not definitively rank the tags it shows you, so you must decide for yourself if the tags you have are good or not. You will have to do this for each page of your website individually, as the tool processes a specific URL, not a domain name. If you would like to, you can also input the URL of a competing website to see how their meta tags hold up in comparison to your own.

Why should you use meta tags? There are site and entrepreneurs out there that still think little of the significance of Meta labels. They feel it is superfluous because it does not physically adjust your website in searches. But meta tags are still important because they give web search tools essential data about your site that can help or ruin its positioning.

Meta Tags Analyzer is the best instrument for checking the meta labels of your site. Anybody can see the Meta labels of any site. Checking how you compare to your rival sites is important, because if they have more interesting or unique meta tags, the search results for their page will come off as more interesting to customers. Using this tool to check the meta tags directly is far easier than trying to reason it out yourself based on the descriptions in your rival's web pages.