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About Online Ping Website Tool

An Online Ping Website tool simply pings your website and shows you the result of how much time it takes to see your website from an IP address. What this specific tool does is look for the response time of the server on 69 specific ping servers. But the question is, why is it important to know the time it is required to see your website from an IP address?

The answer is quite simple: It is important because the loading speed of a website has a huge significance in the ranking of that website in any search engine. If your website takes more than seven seconds to load, then its rank in any search engine will drop drastically. This is because most people are impatient and do not want to wait more than five seconds for a website to load.

How this tool works:

First, you input your website url and title. Then, you input your updated website url if it has been changed recently (or use the same one if it hasn't). Lastly, you put in your RSS url. If you do not know what this is, there is a very simple way of finding it. Go to your website, right-click in the background, and click on "view page source." Note your computer might also have a function key for website sources, but not all computers do.

Once you have your page source, use control+F to search the source for "RSS." Just past the result of the search will be a URL that is proceeded by "href." Copy and paste that URL into our Online Ping Website Tool (make sure you don't accidentally paste over the quotation marks, they will confuse our tool). Then you click submit and wait.

Your website will be brought through 69 specific ping websites and timed. If the ping is successful within seven seconds, it will say "thanks for the ping" in green. If it does not succeed within seven seconds, it will say "Failed extended and basic XML-RPC ping!" in orange.

Chances are you might fail the ping test in a few of the 69 websites, due to various circumstances. You only really have a problem if you fail several of them. Check your website at different times of the day, from different places, to make sure your website loads quickly under various circumstances!

Also, make sure to check any time you edit something on your website, to make sure your edits didn't badly effect your loading time.