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About Online URL Encoder

What is URL encoding and decoding? Also known as "percent encoding," URL encoding replaces invalid characters with a percent sign and additional two hexadecimal values, therefore making any URL completely valid.

Any character that is non-ASCII character, such as a space, is invalid for a URL. Spaces are usually either replaces with plus signs or a percent sign followed by the hexadecimal 20. Other invalid, non-ASCII characters include €, ©, ®, À, Á, Â, Ã, Ä, Å, and more.

On the other hand, decoding finds significance within a URL if you have a need to know an email campaign, newsletter’s referrer or the referrer of an AdWords campaign. Sometimes it might be easy for you to figure out what a URL says on your own, if the only invalid characters were spaces, but if there are a lot of percent signs and hexadecimal codes, you would have to painstakingly go through and translate each code into its original non-ASCII symbol using a big chart.

Think of when you are Google image searching and you pick a nice-looking image at random, and then notice the ridiculously long URL leading to that image.

It is so long because it is encoded in order for any special characters to properly work in the URL. It would be a big pain to try and decode that seemingly endless string of percent signs and numbers by yourself, not to mention it would take a very long time. But do not fret, because our Online URL Encoder does it instantaneously and absolutely for free.

What this tool is:

Use our simple and completely free Online URL Encoder tool whenever you want to use special characters within a URL parameter. It is very simple and the tool processes any request instantaneously.

If you would like to take a look at how it works but you don't have a faulty URL on hand, just copy and paste any text you would like into the text box and give it a try. You could even see results with the text in this very description as your test run of our tool.

How this tool works:

Our tool will know automatically whether the text you provide is encoded or decoded, so you simply need to input the text and click ''submit.' Immediately, you will see both the encoded URL given to you and the decoded information from the URL, no matter which one you originally put into the text box.