What is my Browser?

What is my Browser

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About What is my Browser

Of course you know the name of what browser you are using right now, but do you know about its settings, including its HTML5 capabilities and CSS3? This information can be very important to you, and here is why:

 As you may already know, browsers have each of their own capabilities, meaning there can be differences in terms of experience you will be getting. For example, a website may load or work well for certain browsers but not for others. Your browser might also be outdated, and no longer support the best updated technologies.

Also, an old browser may be vulnerable to attacks, such as that from malware, hacker and other cyber criminals lurking around the corner. Protect your PC from vulnerabilities coming from the internet by using a safe and modern browser with more secured functions and features against cyber hackers and criminals.

What this tool is

It is easy to find out this information. Use our What is my Browser tool to discover it. No need to even type anything in. Just by clicking into this tool, you have been provided with your browser name, browser version, operating system, and user agent. Make sure your browser is up to date and a good one!