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About Word Counter

Business people are paid by the number of goods they sell. Fishermen are paid by the pounds of fish they sell. Essayists are paid by the word amount. It is no surprise that authors comprehend word tally exceptionally well. Editors of magazines or productions frequently request articles with a minimum word requirement (and sometimes a maximum word requirement as well, to properly allot space in their magazines or productions).

You may recall that the supervisor of a style magazine in the film 'How to Lose weight in 10 Days' requested that the author create a comparably worded article for their needs. Word count is important for you as well, as the owner of a website or business. You want to have a fair amount of content on each page of your website, but you don't want to have so much that your readers get bored of reading.

What this tool is:

The Word Counter tool is a word tally and a character number device. All you have to do is click inside of the text box and start writing. Word counter will check the number of words and the number of characters that you create. Note that it will not count automatically as you type.

You have to click the 'count words' button to see the results. However, on the plus side, once you get your results, your words will stay intact in the text box.  So you can write a little, check the word count, then click back into the text box and pick up right where you left off without losing anything. You can also copy and paste text from anywhere you want into the text box, and the tool will show the word count and character count for that.

How this tool works:

This tool is very smart. It will count words consisting only of numbers as a word. for example, if you type "I have 76 features" and hit submit, the counter will tell you you have four words, not just three.

This will also work if the number has letters on the end of it, such as measurements like 150lbs. Punctuation and spaces will count as characters, and any words that include punctuation will count as real words. Unlike some word counters, this tool also counts articles such as 'a' and 'the.' Knowing the word count of the pages on your website can be very important, so check the content of each of your web pages.