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About www Redirect Checker

Many directories make redirects to external sites. Search engines can make mistakes when it comes to some types of redirects. Because of this, people with their own websites and domains need to check for themselves if their redirect links work correctly.

In order to do this on your own, you might have to painstakingly determine which type of redirect is used (there five different types and you can't tell which type it is just by looking at it) on your site, and if it will work correctly with search engines.

But by using the www Redirect Checker tool, you can find this out without any hassle and completely for free. Note that our tool cannot specify the type of redirection because you do not need it if your redirect links work correctly. If it does not work correctly, it is probably either a problem on your end or it is a faulty 302 redirect (a redirect which has been replaced with 303 redirect).

How this tool works:

Input a redirect link into the text box and click 'submit.' The tool will tell you the domain and the status of the www redirect - bad/not responding, or good/responding. It is not very common for redirects to not respond properly these days, but it never hurts to be careful, so feel free to check as many redirect URLs as you need to from your website.

Note that the URL you need to enter is not your normal URL, nor the actual URL of the site you are linking to. The redirect URL is one all on its own that usually specifically has the word "redirect" in it so you can identify it.

You can find it by right-clicking a hyperlink and clicking 'inspect,' then finding the URL that includes the word "redirect" in it within all of the coding. From there, just copy and paste it into our text box to test it.